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Marketing and Promotions
The hardest part of being an author is selling your book. Authors by nature are writers and creators, not salespeople. Our team of specialists has created solutions to meet your every need to succeed in your marketing goals. From a la carte campaign and elemental promotional materials to customized plans and coaching. Because we know "The End" is just the beginning of publishing success.
Amazon Author Page | $45
Analysis & Custom Marketing Campaign | $179 Our marketing team will review any existing marketing palns your using (social media, web, etc.) and create a custom marketing campaign to increase your exposure. Includes workbook
Author Marketing Kit | $225 Logo creation, 100 bookmarks, 100 postcards, 250 bussiness cards, and a custom email signature.
Book Award Kit | $399 Match and submit your book to 5 most relevant awards competitions
Custom Book Trailer | $245
Author Website | $475
Cover - Design / Formatting
Every book is judged by its cover, at first. Our designers offer expertly crafted graphics, formatting, layouts, and typesetting that come together to create a cover that gets reader’s attention. We know the markets, genres, and how to incorporate your branding into your designs for maximum impact and ongoing sales.
Simple Cover Creation | $129Choose from a wide selection of print ready art, photos, and fonts for a polished and professional cover. Formatted for your trim size and format.
Custom Cover Creation | $225Our professional design team will create a unique, custom, premium cover that gets noticed by readers. Formatted for your trim size and format.
Custom Cover Editing | $49 Our expert graphics team will edit your existing art or cover to create a custom cover, corrected cover, or new format/size. 90 min max
Universal ISBN/Custom Imprint | $79
Barcode | $20
Interior Design and Editing
Our experts provide custom designs, formatting, layouts, typesetting, and editing to ensure your readers experience your story just as you intended. These are the distinctions that create bestsellers, award winners, and loyal readers. Comfortable, easy to read books make happy readers!
Simple Interior Design/Formatting | $229Our simple interior design creates a high quality print and eBook indestinguishable from traditionally published books.
Custom Interior Design/Formatting | $299 Custom interior designing creates a high quality print and eBook with special characters, custom chapter headers, fluers, and a multitude of premium design elements that really make books stand out with a more polished look like bestselling traditionally published books.
Interior Design Elements | $75 Add flair to your exisisting manuscript for print or eBook formatting with custom designed chapter heading images, fleurons or graphic transitions. Up to 12 chapters.
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